Educational Resources for the Tangram Tee


Fabricate provides educational materials and training programmes to be used in conjunction with our products such as the Tangram Tee. These resources provide parents or teachers with a clear framework on how to develop specific areas of a child.

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Creative Thinkers Kindergarten

K2 students from Creative Thinkers Kindergarten were given a Tangram Tee each along with packs of Two Dozen Letters. Read the article here and find out what happened when they used it for the school term. 

Glad Tidings International School

Glad Tidings + Tangram Tee

An international school in Cambodia had fun with the Tangram Tees and explored their creativity in class. Read the article here

ELF for Preschools


Fabricate is working with leading preschools on a unique learning pedagogy called ELF (Experiential Learning Framework). This unique programme caters to preschool children aged 4-6 and covers a wide range of topics such as literacy, numeracy, creativity and much more. Developed with preschools in mind, each activity compliments or reinforces existing curriculum, allowing children to enjoy learning of these topics, aid retention and perform more effectively.

Additionally, a full range of support such as lesson plans and learning materials will be provided to teachers or educators free-of-charge. Contact us today to find out more about ELF and how it can help children become engaged learners.

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