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tangramIntroducing - The Tangram Tee! An innovative T-shirt that allows kids to form different patterns on the shirt as often as they like. Each shirt comes with seven reusable shapes that form the Tangram and there are well over 6,500 patterns documented to date. That works out to a unique pattern on the T-shirt every day for 17 years! But wait a second, we also offer the Tangram shapes and T-shirts in various colours too. That means more creative options for them to showcase their ideas and the possibilities are practically endless.


Look Mom! It's a tee. No, it's a toy. No, it's a tool.


Some see it as mostly a tee to wear, others see it as a toy for their children to have fun on the move. They are all true of course, but we see it as something quite different and much more. To us at Fabricate, we see it as a tool that encourages personal development in numerous aspects of a child.


Cognitive skills

The process of selecting the right piece and putting a Tangram puzzle together improves a child's problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships and increases their visual spacial awareness as they manipulate each piece to see if it fits.

hand eye

Hand-eye coordination

While positioning shapes alongside other pieces, children practice hand eye coordination and hone their fine motor skills. This is especially so when they want to complete a puzzle without any gaps between pieces. Using a wrong piece will result in a strange looking puzzle and they have to try all over again. This constant trial and error including repetition helps them enhance their hand-eye coordination over time.


Self confidence

The kind of satisfaction children get when they have achieved something is quite an experience with their eyes gleaming along with excited proclamations of - 'I did it!' Their self confidence increases by the accomplishment along with praises that soon follow and there is no better way to show it than to proudly wear their tee for all to see. Over time, they may encounter some Tangram puzzles that are hard to solve, but with the proper support and encouragement, they can learn that success does not always come easily and to taper their frustrations with some patience.



Once children are familiar with the Tangram Tee, they will eventually use their imagination to express their ideas and feelings with the T-shirt. This cyclic process of ideation involves adaptability and flexibility of thought due to the limited number of pieces, shapes or colours on hand. Given the proper environment, children can significantly enhance the development of their creativity and to think out of the box which will be critical in later stages of life.

Learning Resources

The best part about the Tangram Tee is the online learning resources that come with it and it is all FREE! This includes activity sheets, teaching guides and fun-filled challenges for kids. We will be adding new content as fast as we can, so keep an eye out for it or just subscribe to our Facebook account. Find out more about how the Tangram Tee can be used with our teaching materials over at the Education section.

Wash and care

Please take note of the following instructions to extend the shelf life of your purchase

machine wash Remove all appliques from the t-shirt before wash
machine wash Hand Wash, Cold - For the first 3 washes, turn the t-shirt inside out and hand wash to remove as much of the embroidery paper* as possible
machine wash Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle - For subsequent washes, turn t-shirt inside out and place inside delicates wash bag before placing into washing machine
machine wash Do Not Wring
machine wash Drip Dry - For best results, drip dry the t-shirt
machine wash Tumble Dry, Normal
Do not bleach Do Not Bleach
machine wash Do Not Dry Clean
machine wash Iron, Low Heat - Do not iron on the soft-loop strips on the front of the t-shirt.
  *Applies to coloured t-shirts only

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